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A Night of Luxury @ Bellevue

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Tucked away on the second floor of the Hyatt Regency overlooking the West Lake, you’ll find one of the cities classiest bars, Bellevue, and having been open for more than 12 years, we thought it’s high time to put it back in the spotlight. There’s almost nothing you can fault about this bar, from service to the quality of the drinks, it’s what you’d come to expect from the Hyatt brand. As for the interior everything just screams luxury, with a sleek contemporary design and a red colour and dim lighting combination that catches your eye from the moment you walk in.  

In the past, Bellevue had focused mainly on perfecting classic cocktails, such as their always brilliant mojito, but Bellevue is now offering something a little bit more special and unique. Their latest cocktail creations take inspirations from Hangzhou’s local culture and history, with a strong focus on seasonal ingredients. 

Tempting Rouge

We decided to try 3 of these new specials, starting with the Tempting Rouge (90RMB). The base is a waxberry liquor, similar to the local speciality of waxberries (楊梅) marinating in baijiu, with this particular rendition produced in the renowned 28 Hubin Restaurant. The liquor is then mixed to make a fruity, refreshing cocktail, which retains the flavour of the berry with an added sweetness.

Sake Kura

Up next was the Sake Kura (90RMB), a mix of sake, grapefruit juice, sugar, ginger and lemongrass. The challenge of sake based cocktails is trying to get the balance just right, without overpowering the otherwise mild flavour of the sake, and at Bellevue they got it just right. The flavour first comes through with a sweet fruity flavour from the grapefruit juice, followed by a soft bitter sake aftertaste. 

Twilight Mist

Our final cocktail of the night was our favourite, the Twilight Mist (98RMB). Inspired by the mist during the sunset of the West Lake, it’s a strong aromatic single malt and blended whiskey cocktail, that’s smoked with pine wood. The aroma coming from the drink was enough alone to make us love it, and the smoky flavour really completes the sensory experience.

House Band - Sparkling

Aside from the cocktails, Bellevue boasts a fantastic selection of wines, whiskey and now draft beer, including Goose Island. The house band is another great reason to visit, performing a mix of genres, including acoustic renditions of pop classics that matches nicely with the mood of the bar. 

'Sparkling' whom originated in the Ukraine, count on over 10 years performing experience around the world, comprises of the beautiful Julia - a charismatic vocalist and percussionist, and her partner Alex who is an experienced guitarist. Sparkling perform various genres of music ranging from pop, jazz and current world hits. We would like to extend an invitation to join us at Bellevue and enjoy the live music from Sparkling, along with backdrop views of the West Lake for a refined and elegant night out in Hangzhou.

From today until 31st July, all cocktails & Glass wine receive two glasses for the price of one before 9pm. All prices are subject to a 15% service charge. Parking available. Smoking permitted. 

 冬粉福利  Special For MORE Followers

  5 WINNERS 5名 

One glass of Tempting Rouge, Sake Kura or Twilight Mist

Comment on the bottom, and the most sincere ten commenters will get a glass of Tempting Rouge, Sake Kura or Twilight Mist!


Deadline: 1pm, June 12th


(We will leave a comment to the winner, and please reply before 6pm. Anyone who doesn’t reply on time will be replaced by a new winner 我們會給獲獎者留言,當天下午6點後不回覆的過期作廢)

Available till June 30th, 2017 


(The restaurant has the right of final interpretation 餐廳具有最終解釋權)

Bellevue / 晚霞酒吧

2/F, Hyatt Regency Hangzhou, 28 Hubin Rd.


5pm - 2am (Mon. - Fri.); 

2pm - 2am (Sat. - Sun.)

0571 8779 1234

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