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Seaside Summer Vacation Ideas in China


Have you ever thought that beach holidays in China could possibly be as romantic as all other popular vacation spot on this planet? China has a range of exquisite and shiny beaches. And what is most pleasant for tourists is that they have been distinctively developed these areas to provide travel to China the most unforgettable one. In here some beach destinations have been congregated for you. 

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* Tianya Haijio

If you wish to get away from the hubbub of cosmopolitan city for some time, do come to Tianya Haijio for holidaying. Situated within Sanya in Hainan Island, this territory receives a calm weather and average temperature of 25 °C all round the year. The intriguing shoreline has been incrusted by a beautiful park fringed with sequence of large rocks of varied shapes and sizes. A perfect mixture of mystery, legends and natural attractiveness makes this beach destination astonishing.

* Beidaihe Scenic Area

Located towards the south of Qinhuangdao City at Hebei in China, this beach location is 180 meters east from Beijing. The fine yellow sand in the long sunlit beach and the marine blue ocean waters create a mystifying view. The foremost amusing thing regarding this destination is that travelers can bathe in this sea! Bohai Bay is the spot in this location which is recommended for bathing.

* Putuoshan Island

This island vacation spot of China is found in the southeastern part of Shanghai. This pretty island has got a range of beaches that are beautiful, amicable and offer level of privacy to the travelers. Nonetheless, the most frequently visited amongst them are the Thousand Step Beach and Hundred Step Beach. The famous Putuo, which is certainly regarded as one of the sacred mountains of the Buddhists, is found right in this island.

* Silver Beach

This Chinese beach zone most likely got its name from the silver colored sand that refers to its expansive beaches. It is located in the Guangxi province of South China, towards the southeastern side of Beihai City. The obvious blue sea is peaceful and has temperate waves. Moreover, the total absence of sharks makes it a risk-free swimming destination for travelers who come to China for holidays. One more tourist spot from this beach is the Weizhou Island which features the well known and the biggest extinct volcano of China.

* Gulangyu Beach

Situated in Fujian Province of Southeast China, this beach destination is close to the southeastern coast of Xiamen. The allure of this Chinese destination is so astounding that it truly is also called ‘Garden in the sea’ by the travelers worldwide. The fine sand and smooth waves makes it excellent spot for swimming and tanning.

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