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毒販子 - Dúfàn zi - Drug Trafficker

"Drug Mule" Caught With a Suitcase Made From Cocaine in Shanghai Airport


Drug mules are getting more creative in finding ways to smuggle drugs into China.

A woman was recently foiled in her brazen attempt to bring 10kg of cocaine into the country – not by hiding the narcotics in her luggage or on her body, but by building an entire suitcase using the drug.

Shanghai customs revealed on Tuesday that the Southeast Asian woman was arrested after she arrived at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport from South America on February 15.

The woman did not declare any items and her belongings initially passed through the x-ray machine, according to Chinese news portal

However, customs officials found the colour tone of the x-ray images of her two suitcases abnormally deep.

When they asked her to remove her belongings from the suitcases for checks, officers found the empty luggage much heavier than normal ones, the report said. A young officer could not even lift the empty luggage with one hand.

Their suspicions aroused, the customs officials then took samples of the suitcase material for testing. The tests quickly revealed the strong presence of cocaine, according to the report.

A total of 10.19kg of the drug was derived from the suitcases, which were built with a mix of cocaine and other materials.

This is the first case in China of narcotics seized from smugglers using this method to smuggle drugs into the country, the report said.

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