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Entertainment !!!

Global Peace Youth Corps!

There was a real need to create opportunities for children to come together simply to laugh and have fun and so on.

They made the second day of this new year as a special day for our children. We wish them a successful journey.   . They also actively participated in the programmed with the volunteer...

Thanks to all the team members...

Global Peace Youth Corps. is an organization which select each year four Nepalese and Four Indians to entertain the people in villages and in different parts of the country. Each year four of the Nepalese citizen will go to India and entertain the people and vice versa.

We are wondering what they are going to do??

The junior children with three entertainers on the upper hall..

The siniors boys and girls enjoying the game

" Fire in the Mountain Run! Run! Run! "

Full of laughter..

The children also actively participated in the programmed with the volunteer

Taking "Remark" from them..

"Thank you Sertshang Orphanage Home"- Global Peace Youth Corps

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