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5 signs someone is taking advantage of you

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To a great extent, someone may not be wrong to say that it is absolutely impossible to live on earth without human interaction. At work place, school or family there is always an interaction. One thing that is worth noting as we interact with people is that some of the people we relate with might actually be taking advantage of us. No one can say for sure what might be the reasons behind people who keep you in their life just because they are benefiting something from you so care must be taken in relating with them. Left for me, I will say that relationship should be 50/50 unfortunately this is not so. Everyone is asking “what’s in it for me?” and for those who find it hard to say NO, they become victims. To help evaluate the people around you, here are my five signs that someone is taking advantage of you.


1. She/he does not take no for an answer. 

It is true that persistence, ambition, and determination are admirable qualities but when it comes to relationship and work, there ought to be room for compromise. Though in business and deals, not taking no for an answer is an edge which I suggest that you should have. In spotting someone who is taking advantage of you, I do suggest you take a look at anyone that is always buying surprise movie ticket, planning surprise holidays or trips without seeking your consent. Of cause we all love surprises, but overdoing such things without asking your schedule is a sign especially if when you try to reject it they make you feel bad. Note I said “always”. Because this person is always doing it, what ought to be surprise loose its value.

2. You only get to hang out on their terms. 

I understand that some people can be genuinely busy and others are talented at planning but that is not always the case. In truth, we can always create time for what we want. I believe most of my readers have at some point in their lives met a friend who only gets to hang out on their terms; they choose where to go, how to go there, what to do and what time to leave. Even though such people don’t point a gun at your head, these individuals have a way to get into your emotions, bypass your common sense and make you do whatever they say. They can put up a smiling or angry face while issuing their command or pretend to be sick or tired. They take different forms depending on the case. These are people users. 


3. They only talk to you when they need something. 

I suggest you save some peoples name with ‘need’ because their chat or call equals need.Isn't it annoying when people only call you when they need something? That's exactly how most people treat others. To deal with these kinds of friends, I will suggest that you ask them back for help of the same sort they have been asking. Respond to them for the next helps in the same way they responded to yours. For that friend who calls you when they are heart-broken or need advice, I wouldn’t see them as friend users.


4. They cancel plans with you repeatedly.

 This is the other side of that partner that never plans a date. Only that here, they cancels an already planned date. To make it seem smart, they come up with excuses like “I have soooo much work to catch up on. Like, I’m buried.” “I think I might be getting sick. Don’t think I’m going to make it out tonight.”“I have to get up really early in the morning; I don’t think I can make it again.”“My roommate / coworker / mom is having an absolute meltdown crisis about her job/breakup/whatever. I would be the most terrible person ever if I didn’t stay home and comfort her tonight.”


5. She uses sex as a bargaining chip.

Every woman has her secret to getting her own way with her man like giving him the remote control, making his favorite meal, or perhaps a foot-rub at the end of a hard day.But, there is, of course, other trick women can deploy to win over recalcitrant spouses — one as old as time, but rarely admitted to in polite company and that is sex. If she gets to have sex with you on her terms alone, when and where she wants, mark her.

The world system is not fair and relationship is part of that system. Am I saying that we should stay away frompeople who only call us when they need us? No! All I am saying is that we should mark people around us that have these traits and know how we relate with them. For those who really care, it might be nice to tell them some of the things they do that you don’t really like.

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