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9 Of The Best, Most Relatable Parenting Tweets

We all have our ups and downs, good times and bad times as parents. Most of us may wish we had the patience and humour to be able to accurately retell our daily struggles online too. Well, check out some of these absolutely hilarious conversations between parents and their kids!

Son: You're pretty

Mum: Aww

Son: Even when you just waked up you're so pretty

Mum: Aww

Son: Can I have Doritos for lunch?

Mum: There it is

Toddler: *crying because it isn't her turn with the princess crown*

Mum: Sweetie, you need to share

Dad: Just give her the crown, you're 35...

My cousin: [to my kids] omg you guys have grown so much! 

How old are you now?
6-year old: What's your wifi password?

Mom: I can't wait until my son is a cool teen 

who thinks I'm super embarrassing 

so I can remind him that he used to beg to watch me poop.

Dad: As a kid I thought a lot about growing up, getting a job and having kids, 

but not this job and certainly not these kids.

Mom: My son just asked me if cats can have babies 

when they aren't married and I told him yes, 

but I honestly don't know.

Dad: One day I'll be thankful my daughter is an independent iron-willed human 

with an unrelenting strong voice, 

but not today, not in this grocery store.

Mom: I told my 3-year-old the beans in her taco were chocolate jelly beans

 and she took 3 whole bites before she decided to never trust me again.

Dad: Let's go to the store. 

5-year old: Why?

Dad: For food. 

5-year old: Why?

Dad: So we can eat.

5-year old: Why?

Dad:To stay alive.

5-year old: Why?

Dad: I have no idea.