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Chinese Mom Sent Her Baby to Orphanage by Mail in Plastic Bag

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Police in China have taken into custody a woman who reportedly wrapped her newborn baby girl in plastic bags and tried to courier her in an orphanage.

The mother, identified only as Lou, called a courier to pick up the plastic bag, refusing to let him check what was packed inside.

As the courier set on his way, he felt the package moving and heard some noises coming from inside, The Beijing News reported. When he opened the bag, he was shocked to find the live baby.

The incident happened in Fuzhou in Fujian province.

The baby is currently in a stable condition at a local hospital and has been returned to her home, a move that prompted even more outrage from people following the story.

Child abandonment is a huge problem in China. While the government puts the number of orphans in the country at 600,000, independent groups estimate it could be closer to a million.

“Why should the baby be returned to her parents? To be abandoned a second time?” one person commented according to South China Morning Post.

“The child is lucky to be alive. Her parents should be punished ... the baby should be sent to the orphanage who will find parents to adopt her," said another.

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