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Restaurants with extremely spicy flavors in CQ! Dare U to try?

Chongqing people can hardly ever do anything without spicy flavors. Especially, the hotter the weather is, the spicier flavor Chongqing people like. They will feel refreshed after eating spicy food. So, as a lover of spicy food, dare you meet the challenge of the spicy food at the following six restaurants?

 Dalong Hot Pot


Dalong Hot Pot in Shapingba is famous as one of the spiciest hot pots in Chongqing. Lots of peppers are found in the home-made hot pot soup. It is a kind of visual and gustatory enjoyment.

You will taste the spices as you eat something boiled in the hot pot soup. You had better try tender sliced meat, cattle stomach and duck intestine, each of which have their special flavors. As you just ate, you taste spicy, and the spicier you’ll feel as you taste more. 

Consumption per person: about 67 Yuan

Add: Next to Bilang Clinic, No.290, Diantai Alley, Xiaolongkan, Shapingba District


Li Rice Noodle


Li Rice Noodle is the restaurant with the spiciest flavor all around Chongqing. Everyone goes to the restaurant with a big smile, while leaving satisfied from its spicy flavor.

The flavor of pickled pepper is the most popular one in this restaurant. The pickled peppers are totally ripe and there is a strong taste of sour and spicy. Rice noodles of pickled peppers with chicken gizzard and pig trotter are strongly recommended. 

Consumption per person: about 19 Yuan

Add: No. 87, Jinlong Road, Longxi Street, Yubei District


Crazy roasted wings


If you want to be a warrior, order the spiciest wings. Otherwise, you had better try slightly spicy wings with honey or salt-baked wings, which still taste great. In addition, the wings in this restaurant are rich and of good quality.

Consumption per person: about 8 Yuan

Add: No. 18, 1F, Meilixi Street, University City, Shapingba District 


Zui Hot Pot


You will become addicted to Zui Hot Pot, a famous hot pot in Chongqing, as the spicier flavor you taste. Beef with cayenne pepper and homemade marinated large intestines of pig are very popular. The beef tastes very tender. 

Consumption per person: about 67 Yuan

Add: No. 151, Jialing First Village, Jiangbei District (go 200m along the alley across from KFC in Carrefour, Guanyinqiao)


Open Fire—Xinjiang Rice Noodles


The rice noodles in this restaurant are similar to the potato noodles and macaroni that we usually have. However, it tastes chewier than rice noodles in Chongqing. If you don’t like spicy, you can order slightly or medium spicy flavor. 

Consumption per person: about 36 Yuan

Add: No. 10-23, Building 16, Fountain Square, Longfor Times Street, Yuzhong District


Duck head


There is a secret in dried chilies on the dishes. A duck head, at the price of 6 Yuan, is a little expensive but spicy enough for most people. 

The duck heads and Corydoras with rice chili are very delicious and spicy. If you are a lover of spicy flavor, you’ll love it very much. Otherwise, you had better not try it.

Consumption per person: about 60 Yuan

Add: Affiliated No. 23 and 24, No. 83, Huilong Road, Huilongwan, Nan’an District


Let’s go and try these spicy foods on weekend! 


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