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12 Things You NEED For Homeschool Activities

We're lucky in Shanghai that we have a multitude of choices when it comes to education and childcare. We've got local and international daycares, preschools, primary schools and some of the best high schools in the country. 

Whether your child is already enrolled in a program or you've decided to keep them home for another year, you will definitely be needing these items for lessons and activities, or even for completing school homework.

*All items can be found on Taobao but we have provided links to Baopals (prices vary from Taobao to Baopals)


A laminator is a must-have for every home, no matter what age your kids are. Print off letters, numbers, tracing pages, Play-Doh mats and worksheets – laminate them and have them ready for any home learning activity!

Price:  ¥174.95

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Teach the kiddos about the world with a handy globe! Learning about where we are, where we come from and where other countries are in relation to us is an invaluable lesson for kids of any age!
Price: ¥90.95

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Colored Paper

Stock up on paper of every sort, size, weight and color. Having colored, construction, writing, watercolor and white printer paper on hand is your first step to creativity at home. Let them explore or have free art time using a variety of different paper mediums.

Price: ¥56-85

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Tempera Paint

No home-school or homework activity centre is complete without paint. Snag a few bottles of this washable, toxin-free tempera paint for your home!
Price: ¥35

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Label Stickers

These awesome little label stickers come in handy for just about any situation. Label kids workbooks, items around the house, or even food items in the kitchen.

Price: ¥18.50-¥55.25

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Snap Cubes

Similar to the American branded Unifix Cubes, but slightly cheaper, snap cubes are perfect for counting, adding and subtracting, sorting, measuring, weighing and just simple open ended play.

Price: ¥92.00 (for 100 pieces)

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Animal Counters

Another product in the family of manipulatives, this one is a must-have for learning about weight, counting, sorting and more. You'll find a lot of homeschool activities calling for this product, so why not be prepared?

Price: ¥173.77

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Bathtime Learning Set

Kids of all ages play in the bath so why not have them learn while they're at it? Grab this set of magnetic and waterproof letters and numbers and watch as the kids play while practicing their literacy and math skills!
Price: ¥53.78

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Sensory activities are not only fun for the kiddos but also add another aspect of learning. Rolling, kneading, shaping and creating help to strengthen hand muscles while you can use the Play-Doh to teach letters, shapes, animals or whatever your imagination lets you dream up!

Price: ¥33.20-¥59.45

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Calendar-Clock Combo

Kids love the interactive nature of calendars like this. Give them the chance to change the days, weeks, months, seasons, time and weather. You'll be surprised how quickly they will enhance their sense of time when this is added in to their daily routine.

Price: ¥200.32

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Blackboard Wall Sticker

Who doesn't love drawing on a blackboard? The kids will go mental for this handy wall sticker that turns any surface into a blackboard. This genius product can be used in a variety of ways and you can sleep well knowing that your apartment walls are safe from ruin.

Price: ¥39.29

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Magnetic Whiteboard Sticker

Similar to the blackboard sticker above, this one goesand beyond. Not only does this versatile wall sticker turn any wall or surface into a dry-erase board – perfect for writing, drawing and creating – but it also has a handy-dandy magnetic strip inside. Seriously, stick this to the wall and you've got a whiteboard and magnetic wall all in one! Magic.
Price: ¥57.35

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