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Enter subway stations by scanning mobile phones in Beijing .

After the Fangshan subway line successfully tested a mobile payment option this June, people can swipe their mobile phones to enter all of Beijing's subway stations beginning August 14, reported Beijing Youth Daily.

Users of 160 different mobile phones currently available on the market, which are equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and support mobile payment for subway fares, are able to enjoy the new option.

In order to promote the widespread use of mobile payment and help passengers learn how to use it, the Beijing Subway has placed instruction manuals in 274 stations across its network.

There are 15 subway lines in Beijing, carrying nearly 10 million people every day. Relieving offline pressure and reducing the time passengers spend waiting for trains have become priorities for the Beijing Subway authorities in their attempt to optimize the service experience.

According to a staff member of the subway system, the transaction volume of mobile payment currently stands at about 200,000 every day, accounting for 2% of the total. The low rate of mobile payment, to a large extent, has been attributed to the limited types of mobile phones that support the option to pay for subway fares, namely the 160 phones of Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, among other brands. 

Apple has not yet opened NFC to public transport in China, so iPhone users cannot use mobile payment to take the subway now. However, official figures show the transaction volume is soaring, which demonstrates the immense potential for the development of mobile payment.

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