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When it comes to "name", what were these parents thinking?

Do you like your name? Normally, your name owns the best wishes from your parents. However, after you read the following names, you might wonder how any parents were gullible enough to curse their child with such outrageous titles - or you might admire their audacity...

If you are a political candidate hoping to rally popular support to come first in an election, perhaps it's best not to have the surname 'Loser'.

Stark County Sheriff must have checked twice that they had not made a mistake over identification when they arrested Donald Duck.

This boy, from Singapore, combined the names of two superheroes in his unusual name.

With the names Shakespeare Mozart and Armstrong, this little boy is clearly the subject of some rather high expectations.

The baby’s parents might be the super fan of “Star Wars”; if not, why the baby is named “Jedi Knight”!


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