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Best places for enjoying seas of clouds in Chongqing! Let's go!

Once through vast ocean, I think nothing of other waters;

Unless in Mt. Wushan, I would deem them as clouds not.



This is a representative work of Yuan Zhen(元稹), a well-known poet in Tang Dynasty. Most people long to stand on the top of the sea of clouds as if they are in a fairyland. 

Actually, there are many places to enjoy the sea of clouds in Chongqing.

Recently, “A map of sea of clouds in Chongqing” was especially formulated by the Chongqing Planning Bureau and Chongqing Geographic Information Center. It lists some places for us to enjoy the sea of clouds. Let’s enjoy the fairyland together by looking at the map. 

A list for sea of clouds in Chongqing from Chongqing Planning Bureau

Chongqing, being famous for its mountains and water, has good conditions for special sea of clouds in its natural environment. This is one of the most amazing features of Chongqing since ancient times. 

Recommended places for visiting sea of clouds in Chongqing

Boundary between Chongqing and Shaanxi Province in Chengkou


The boundary, a part of Daba Mountain, which is located in Beiping Village of Chengkou County and Langao County, Shaanxi Province, extends over 15km from east to west and 4km from south to north. It has an altitude between 2,000m and 2,500m. Standing on the top of mountains, Qinchuan with 800 li and the sea of clouds in Sichuan and Chongqing can be enjoyed in the north and south respectively.


There are towering old trees, green grasses and high mountains in the boundary. In addition, there also are Chinese yews and cedars, which are national first-class protected plants. A bowl of water and a pool of wild boar are two best sightseeing platforms and the best places to take pictures of the sea of clouds. 

Chuanhegai in Xiushan


Chuanhegai, located in Yongdong Village, Xiushan County, is about 40km away from Xiushan County. “蓋 (cover)”, a local dialect of southeast Chongqing, is on the mountain plain at an average altitude of 1,230 meters in sheer precipice and overhanging rocks. It covers plains with an area of 28 square kilometers of Chuanhegai. And there also is fog, mist and blooming flowers.


The highway of Chuanhegai is called “45 Turns”. Every turn seems to be more mysterious after the rain. It is a feeling of indescribable joy to visit the sea of clouds in Chuanhegai. 

Gujian Mountain in Qijiang


Gujian Mountain, located in the northwest of Qijiang District, extends from Dalou Mountain in Guizhou Province. It is also called “Little Emei Mountain” in east Sichuan. There is usually a high sea of clouds with a large area of stratocumuli in Gujian Mountain. It sometimes seems to be a piece of the sea which shows clouds and mist convertibly.


The sea of clouds in Gujian Mountain was selected as one of “Twelve landscapes in Chongqing” in 2014. Yang Bridge of Jingyin Temple, located on the top of the mountain, is the best sightseeing place to enjoy the sea of clouds in Gujian Mountain. 

Mazui in Nanchuan


The Mazui (horse’s mouth), located in Sanquan Town, is 38km away from Nanchuan in the southeast. It is named the horse’s mouth because there is an abrupt hilltop which looks like the mouth of a horse. Longyan City is a famous site of anti Mongolian in the Southern Song Dynasty. There is Longyan flying waterfall for it is on the cliff, so it is called “the horse’s urine” by the locals.


Because of almost 2,000m altitude, large temperature difference in the morning and evening, special geographic place and weather, there are various kinds of “sea of clouds” with mist and fog. 


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