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The History of Showers

Today, 86% of UK households have at least one shower. Most of us shower daily and think nothing of it. But how did we get where we are today?

Let's take a journey through the history of showers...

The first showers were something we see in nature all the time - Waterfalls!

Ancient tribal people would cleanse themselves by standing under the falling water.

As civilization progressed, showering and bathing became more commonplace.

Ancient Egyptians would have jugs of water poured over them by servants. The water was often very cold!

The Ancient Greeks invented the first showers- aqueducts & sewerage systems pumped water into communal shower rooms. Water spouts on the sides of fountains were also used as outdoor showers.

Shower in Ancient Greek

The Romans continued this bathing trend by creating their famous bathhouses.

Romans bathhouse

Good hygiene became a religious taboo and a sign of vanity with the rise of Christianity. After a third of Europe died from the Black Death in the 14th Century, however, cleanliness became more popular, and the health benefit began to be more widely recognized.

William Feetham, a stove maker from Ludgate Hill in London was granted the first patent for a shower in 1767. Early showers had a hand pump and were more popular than baths as they used less water, meaning servants had less to carry away!

The first patent for a shower and William Feetham

Showers continued to grow in popularity after the health benefits were realized. In the early 19th Century the first designer shower, The English Regency, was created. It was invented anonymously and consisted of a metal frame painted to look like bamboo. A hand pump pushed water through a tank.

The English Regency

Once indoor plumbing was invented around 1850, free-standing showers could be connected to a running water source, making them much easier to use.

In the 20th Century, tankless water heaters (now known as Electric Showers) became popular for their ability to generate an instant supply of hot water without relying on a hot water tank, but bathrooms, as we know today, were still a luxury in the UK until the 1960s.

Electric Showers

In the 1980s, shower manufacturers began to respond to consumer demand for more versatile showers - body jets, colored lights and drencher heads all followed!

By the late 1990s, around 62% of households had a shower. Available shower technologies were electric showers, mixer showers and power showers.

In 2001, digital showers were pioneered, bringing a new, exciting era to the world of showering.

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