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Free beer and yoga at the Suzhou Tourism Roadshow this Friday

Get some inspiration for your next weekend break at the Suzhou Travel Roadshow where you'll learn about all that Suzhou has to offer. Known as the 'Venice of the East', Suzhou is one of eastern China's top destinations for domestic and international tourism, with stunning classical gardens, nationally accredited historical architecture and a regional cuisine celebrated for its river fish and seafood dishes.

With a seminar led by Ctrip, the Suzhou Travel Roadshow will give participants an overview of tourism in Suzhou, outlining the attractions and activities that bring millions of tourists to the city each year.

As part of the talk, naked HUB is also putting on a free beer and yoga session led by BULA yoga instructor Natalie Lam. BULA is an O2O space sharing platform where you can find drop-in fitness classes and exciting healthy-living experiences all around central Shanghai. Combining two of our favourite cures for a long week in the office, the session will incorporate beer bottles into yoga moves to help the parents stretch out stress. And all attendees can cash in on free beer (and cookies).

The event is hosted at naked Hub Xintiandi – one of the latest naked co-working spaces in the city that combines its expertise in high-end hospitality and innovative designs to create a flexible and collaborative environment.

To sign up, send your name and contact details to or scan the QR code below and send the message 'Suzhou' with your name and contact details to the official Time Out Shanghai Family WeChat account.

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