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These bamboo seas can be your ideal destinations for the summer!

Do you want to escape from the scorching weather?

These bamboo seas can be your ideal destinations for the summer!

Chinese people have a special attachment to the bamboo tree. In China, bamboo represents good qualities such as being fearless and upright. It also means that one should never surrender to hardships. Maybe you have little knowledge of China's bamboo culture, but you can go on a date with bamboo. When you walk into the bamboo seas in the scorching summer, you will feel the cool and admire the greenery in summer.

Yongchuan Tea Mountain Bamboo Forest


The picturesque National Forest Park Tea Mountain Bamboo Sea was called the "first recluse mountain in the world"(天下第一隱山) owing to the name of "Ji Mountain"(箕山) presented by Zhuge Lliang(諸葛亮). It is a well-deserved natural oxygen bar which boasts a high forest coverage rate of 97% and the oxygen anion content of 20 thousand per cubic centimeter. With the shade blocking the sun, it's a good place for seeking coolness.

Self-driving route:

Chenjiaping -- Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway -- veer off from Yongchuan exit -- go up the mountain by guidepost


It will take 1 hour from Chongqing to Yongchuan, 2 hours from Chengdu to Yongchuan and 30 minutes from Yongchuan to the scenic spot. 

Beibei Baiyun Bamboo Forest


With an altitude of 600 to 700 meters, the Baiyun Bamboo Forest, the natural summer resort, nourishes the most bamboo trees of Jinyun Mountain. Especially in the summer, the bamboo trees grow vigorously, forming a cool and refreshing atmosphere. There are several scenic spots, including Baiyun Temple, age-old pine trees, Jinyun old path, the high Avalokitesvara statue on a cliff, stone boat, etc.

 Self-driving route:

Urban area -- Chongqing-Hechuan Expressway -- veer off at Jinyunshan highway exit, then drive for about 15 minutes


Urban area -- via Yanggongqiao, Shuangbei, Jingkou of Shapingba -- Beibei, to the direction of Hechuan via Wenxingwan Bridge along with national highway 212, then go uphill from Sanhuashi.


Liangping Baili Bamboo Forest


Baili Bamboo Forest is one municipal scenic spot, known as "bamboo museum". The path winds through flourishing bamboo trees, creating a cool and refreshing atmosphere. Come here and enjoy the slow leisure life. 

Self-driving route:

Urban area -- Chongqing-Wanzhou Expressway -- veer off from Dianjiang -- Qiqiao of Liangping -- Baili Bamboo Forest


Dianjiang Nanzhu Mountain Bamboo Forest


In Nanzhu Mountain which has an average elevation of 591 to 900 meters, you can not only appreciate the beautiful scenery but also have a breath of fresh air. Then you will feel you are in high spirits. Integrating with "seclusion, elegance and tranquility", Nanzhu Mountain was honoured as a provincial forest park of great developing value by experts at home and abroad as well as the huge natural air-conditioner by Chongqing natives.

 Self-driving route:

Chongqing-Changsha Expressway -- to the direction of Shuijiang from Nanchuan -- Nanzhu Mountain



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