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Eliminating range anxiety key to NEV promotion

Source: | Date: Oct. 13

  • China's National Energy Administration recently held a meeting in Changzhou to discuss the difficulties in establishing charging infrastructure for new-energy vehicles (NEV). Data show that NEV ownership in China has reached 120,000 units by the end of 2014, but the number of charging stations in operation is far less than demand. As such, consumers have been slow to adopt NEVs due to "range anxiety," the fear of becoming stranded with an empty battery.

  • China has made some progress on car charging infrastructure but its approach has lacked coordination, National Energy Administration deputy head Zheng Zhajie said during the meeting, adding that a shortage of charging facilities has long been hindering the promotion of NEVs in China.

  • China is speeding up local car charging network facilities construction with a goal of seeing five million electric cars hit the roads by 2020. Since last year, the Chinese government has begun to encourage social investments in the building of charging stations. At least 10% of all Chinese car park facilities are expected to feature electric car chargers, looking to further support local NEV sales.