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Prospects analysis on China intelligent automobile industry

Source: Prospective industry Research Institute | Date: Oct. 12

  • Tesla Motors will roll out an Autopilot-packed software update for Model S vehicles on Oct. 15. The update introduces new Autopilot features, including auto-steering and auto-parking, which can ensure reliable driving safety.

  • As the traditional auto market is getting saturated, smart and electric cars are expected to become a key player in stimulating car consumption. Now, a number of companies like Apple, Google, Tesla Motors, and BYD, are stepping up efforts in the development of smart cars and related products.

  • Amid a market slowdown, developing smart cars can not only stimulate the sluggish auto market but also help Chinese local automakers achieve "corner overtaking." Therefore, smart cars are very promising in China.

  • According to the Report of Developmental Research and Investment Prospects Analysis on China Intelligent Automobile Industry, which was published by the Prospective industry Research Institute, the penetration rate of connected car users in China is expected to top 10% this year, and the market scale of smart cars would exceed RMB 150 billion. This signals that the Chinese smart car market is heating up, and will present huge potential.