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China steps up charging station construction

Source: Workers Daily | Date: Oct. 10

  • China is stepping up efforts in the construction of charging facilities for electric vehicles (EVs), according to a guidance policy released by the State Council, the Chinese cabinet.

  • The policy attests to the government's urgency to tackle inadequate charging stations amid rapidly growing number of new-energy vehicles (NEVs). "The slowing pace of construction of charging stations has hindered the promotion of NEVs," Zheng Shanjie, deputy director of the National Energy Administration (NEA), told reporters in an interview.

  • According to the policy, the government aims to build plentiful charging stations with smart technology and high efficiency by 2020 to meet the need of more than 5 million EVs. What's more, the government is seeking to build a charging service market that is unified, open, and friendly to well-organized competition and governed by complete standards and supervision systems.

  • The policy highlights the importance of establishing unified battery charging standards so as to avoid redundant construction and enhance consumer experience. In addition, the policy promises that the government will provide more supportive policies to streamline review and approval of charging station projects while offering diversified financial support to fund the construction of charging stations.