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Works of Dali to be on display in CQ

Dali's sculpture – "Vision of the Angel"

From September 26th to October 25th, nearly 50 pieces of works by the Spanish surrealism painting master Salvador Dali will be on display in Chongqing for the first time.
Dali, Picasso, and Matisse together are called the "three greatest modernism artists and painting masters of mankind in the 20th century". Dali, as one of the most influential artists in the world, has already become a representative and symbol of modern art, and his numerous masterpieces have directly influenced the development direction of modern art.
On September 23rd, in Jiangbei District's METROPOLITAN Art Centre, workers were spotted taking out Dali's sculpture from a wooden crate.
The works to be exhibited in Chongqing include Dali's works, including the "French Railway Series" prints, and the "Horse" Series sculptures. Among these works, "French Railway Series" is very famous with odd and dreamlike symbols, where butterflies, the Eiffel Tower, and irregular black patterns are placed together, exemplifying superior realism.
Dali's series of works: "Horse"
It is reported that in addition to Dali's works, representative works such as "Marilyn Monroe" by Andy Warhol – an advocate of pop art, will also be on display. The exhibition will be held at the METROPOLITAN Art Centre (junction of Jiangbeizui's Xingai Road and 2nd Beibin Road) and will be open from 10:00-18:00 for free to the public.