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New Book-[The Economy of God]-Chapter15-Part1


In the last chapter we considered the twelve items of the old creation, the first of which was the angelic life. But here we need to point out that those angels who did not fall were not included in the old creation. Though at one time they were under the leadership of Satan, the former head of all the angels, they never followed him in his rebellion; therefore, they are separate from the old creation. Only the rebellious angels who followed Satan became a part of the old creation. Thus, the angelic life as the first of the twelve negative items of the old creation does not include those good angels. The fallen angels, after they rebelled, became the principalities, authorities, rulers and dominions in the heavenly places (Eph. 1, 2, 6; Col. 2). The wicked spirits, mentioned in Ephesians 6, are the fallen angels. The majority of the angels, who did not rebel, were not included in the old creation, which was brought to an end by Christ’s crucifixion.

However, among the human race there is no such exception, for all humanity fell into the rebellion of the devil. The rebellion of the human race began with the first man, Adam, and includes every descendant of his. There are two groups of angels, those who never rebelled and those who rebelled, but as far as the human race is concerned there is only one group. The fallen human race is represented by Adam and is under the headship of Adam; so the whole human race through Adam is included in the fallen, old creation.

Indeed, Satan, the leader of the rebellious angels, is included in the old creation. Satan misused the authority given him and utilized it to form his kingdom (Matt. 12:26). According to Isaiah 14:12-14, Ezekiel 28:13, 14 and Luke 4:5-7, Satan was appointed by God in the very beginning as the head of the angels, and as such he received certain authority from God. The Lord Jesus in His temptation in the wilderness recognized the authority given to Satan. Under his rule, Satan formed a kingdom with a group of angels who also misused their power and authority.

After man was created, Satan came to induce man to sin; and with Sin in man, many fruits were produced, called sins. Following the fall, Satan then utilized all the necessities for man’s existence—such as eating, clothing, marriage, housing, etc. These necessities had been created and ordained by God for man’s existence, but Satan utilized them to systematize the whole human race. This satanic system is called the world.

Due to Sin, sins and the world, death came into the human race; and by the fall, Satan injected something of his own nature into the human body to corrupt it, causing it to be transmuted into flesh. Another result of the fall is that man as a whole was changed and became the old man. In addition, man’s soul, under the threatening and influence of the flesh, became the self. The soul was originally created good, but through the fall the soul became the self.

Satan was the head of the angels, and Adam was the head of the rest of creation, but both representatives rebelled. Consequently, the whole creation was influenced and affected (Rom. 8:20-22 and Col. 1:20) and needed to be reconciled by Christ’s redemption.

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