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New Book-[The Economy of God]-Chapter17-Part2


From the riches of God Himself, the divine life, the divine nature, the law of life and the inner anointing, there are two other items: the fellowship of life and the sense of life. These are the products of the riches of resurrection. The eternal life brings a divine fellowship. When we have Christ as life in the Spirit, we have fellowship with that life. The fellowship of life is just like the current of blood. The blood in our body is the life of our body—if our body contains no blood, there is no life, for the life is in the blood. There is also the current of blood in the body, and through the current of blood all the negative elements are eliminated from the body and nourishment is transmitted to every part of the body. Day by day the current of blood is bearing away the waste products and carrying the supply of nourishment to every member of the body. The current of blood continually fulfills these two functions. Negatively, it washes the members of the body and carries away the refuse, and positively, it supplies health to the body.

What, then, is the fellowship of life? As the blood is the life, so our spiritual blood is Christ in the Spirit as our life. With Christ, our spiritual blood, as our life there is the current of life. Christ as our life is flowing within us all the time just as the current of blood is continually flowing in the body, and this flowing of life is the fellowship of life. It is by this flowing of life, this fellowship of life, that all the riches of Christ are carried to us. The continual flowing of the riches of Christ meets our need of nourishment on the positive side and of cleansing and discharge on the negative side. Only the medical profession can tell us how much nourishment and discharge has been daily effected by the current of blood. Thus, the fellowship of life is the flowing current of the eternal life, which is Christ.

Consider the light bulb, for instance. The current of electricity to the bulb is registered at the meter. If the current is stopped at the meter, no light will appear in the bulb. All the functions of electricity depend on the current of electricity. When the current of electricity is turned off, the function of the bulb to give light ceases.

Before we as unbelievers were saved, we did not have this flowing current. I remember my own experience very well. Before I was saved, I did not have the living feeling flowing within me. But since I was saved, the more I have loved the Lord, contacted Him and lived for Him, the more I have sensed something within me flowing and flowing and flowing. This is the current of life or the fellowship of life. The eternal life, which is the Son of God, is so real and substantial. It can even be heard and seen, touched and handled, declared and preached (1 John 1:1-3). Since we have received this life, we have the fellowship, the current, of life. Through this fellowship of life it is very easy for us to be brought into the presence of God.

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