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Seahorse Outboard Motor

Our Seahorse outboard engines adopt high-precision intake and exhaust system, and we thoroughly improve the intake and exhaust air way, enhance the combustion efficiency, which contributes to getting better performance and better economic benefit. Our Seahorse outboard engines are easy to start, fast acceleration and stable operation to increase the fuel economical efficiency.

Outboard engine braking switch wire: The wire can be clipped in the clothes or wrapped around the wrist. The engine will be turned off automatically when the driver leaves steer wheel.

The built-in fuel tank: There is a fuel tank in the inner of top covering, so no separate fuel tank is needed, which can save inner room. The light and solid top covering can lower the engine noise and prevent the water in.

Seahorse outboard motor has acquired a big market share in China because of its high quality and low price. Now it is stepping into the international market gradually.