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Daily Mandarin - Graffiti

You can type the six-digit date December 14th 2015 "121415" to get an auto response vocal recording, pinyin and translation for today's expression.

Today's expression is 塗鴉 - Graffiti - can also be used pejoratively to mean poor, sloppy handwriting

DALeast: The street artist breaking out of China
The graffiti artist on his concern for the next generation of Chinese artists, and why he is quietly confident about China's future

Chinese graffiti artist DALeast, 29, is fast becoming one of the biggest names on the international street art scene.

In the past two years he has graffitied around the world, spraying huge animals onto buildings in London, New York, Cape Town and Melbourne.

He works at lightning speed, painting giant animals onto the sides of buildings with swift strokes of black spray paint, which he builds up with grey and white to create a 3D effect.

His animals are typically depicted in two disconnected parts, often disintegrating at the centre or falling away at the sides. His use of animals, he says, reflects the human condition.

“In my opinion, animals are like humans. We all live in the same environment; we have the same pressures, emotions and a feeling of insecurity in society. Animals are like society, but are kind of attached to humans,” he says.

Born in Wuhan, central China's most populated city, DALeast has always preferred to provoke personal introspection over making grand political statements in his art, although he says he enjoys the political act of marking public buildings.

“Some people in China are doing street art against the government, especially the beginners. I don’t have political information in my art, because I think the political in art is just art.”

He says he is concerned by the number of beginners in China who are doing graffiti to copy Western trends.

source: The Independent