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Are they tiger-skinned dogs?

A "tiger-skinned dog" on sale
According to a message posted on a local forum by a netizen in Chongqing's Yongchuan on November 30th, a new type of pet dogs that look like tigers and are golden yellow with black stripes all over have appeared on the market, and they are loved by many citizens. However, after careful identification, the netizen and his friend found that those dogs are actually dyed small dogs.
The netizen said in the message that he and his friend saw a middle-aged man hawking two small dogs that were golden yellow with black stripes near Yongchuan's Tangcheng Park Circle. He claimed that the dogs were called "tiger-skinned dogs" which were a new kind of pet dogs with a price of 260 yuan per dog.
The netizen and his friend were attracted and took over the small dogs. After looking carefully, they found that the dogs looked just as same as small dogs except for the colour although they were very cute. Therefore, they agreed that the dogs were actually dyed dogs.