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Home is ... Char Siew Rice, Bak Kwa and Bee Hoon!

Home Always Short Film Series Ep. 3

Rachel, Ian & Friends

We've all had our fair share of fond memories growing up in Singapore. Be it catching longkang fish and stealing sweet tapiocas in the kampong villages, or hearing "Ma Piu Poh!" and playing hop-scotch along the corridors of HDB flats, they were all familiar sights and sounds of our childhood memories we hold on closely to our hearts. 

How about the Singaporeans growing up overseas? What do they know about Singapore? And what does home mean to them?

Meet Rachel, Ian, Jeremy and Jin Rui, four lovely young Singaporeans raised mostly in Shanghai. Hear what home is to these cute lil kids of 10 years old on average! Beyond Char Siew Rice and Bak Kwa, Universal Studios and Adventure Cove, Singapore is also, to them, "very small, can drink water from the tap, streets so clean".

Check out a short film with our 4 wonderful kids below!


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