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Mindfulness Meditation: Guest Blogger Lorna Jutton

Mindfulness MeditationHow to develop a regular practice

Let’s face it. Meditation is difficult.

How do I meditate? I’m not sure I can do that. Meditation is
only for certain people. I'm not zen enough to meditate. My mind is too busy to meditate. I can’t stop thinking, ever. I’ll never be able to clear my mind.

Well for all you nay-sayers, here are some excuses why you should just give up right now and stop trying…

10 reasons why you should NEVER meditate:


1.    You love getting stressed out and you hate feeling calm and relaxed.


2.    You get a kick from feeling distracted and scatterbrained.


3.    You enjoy dwelling on negative thoughts about yourself and others.


4.    You enjoy flying off the handle and over-reacting with stress, anger and anxiety.


5.    You like making decisions by rationalising everything instead of listening to your gut.


6.    You can't get enough of unconscious eating and making poor choices about your diet.


7.    You take pleasure in wasting time overthinking future decisions.


8.    You take pleasure in over-analysing your story and getting stuck in your past.


9.    You love feeling confused about your emotions and second guessing yourself.


10.  You want to continue making excuses about why you can't be happy.


Convinced yet…?


So let’s get one thing straight. ANYONE can meditate. It is not just for monks on mountains tops or hippy traveller types with man-buns seeking enlightenment. You can meditate. I can meditate. Your boss can meditate. The old man who peels potatoes on your doorstep can meditate. There is no one way to do it. It will never seem perfect. It will be different every day. And it is definitely NOT about trying to empty your mind.


Meditation can seem a daunting prospect to the beginner and keeping up with the daily routine of taking time for ourselves can prove challenging, even to the most seasoned meditator. However, developing a regular mindfulness practice and keeping up with this habit can be life changing. It might seem impossible to sustain in our busy world, but there are ways to break it down and establish habits that can add up to develop an overall improved sense of wellbeing through an increased sense of calm, focused awareness and emotional intelligence.

Mindfulness underpins the outcome of every moment, every decision, every success in our lives. It helps us to live more in the present moment, to let go of the past, to stamp out our fears of the future and to wake up to and accept our current reality. Most of us spend our days ruminating about our past lives, about stories we continue to tell ourselves that bury us under limiting beliefs. And when we’re not stuck in the past, we journey to the future, endlessly anguishing over what is yet to come, worrying about every decision, every future action.


Meditation can teach us be true to ourselves in the present moment, to let go of our stories and to accept and trust that the future will come to us when the time is right. In meditation there is no doing, no action. In meditation, the action takes you. By watching our thoughts come and go and tuning into our senses, we tune into our inner most desires and our truth which is inside each and every one of us.

Mindfulness MeditationThis session will include:

-   The basics of mindfulness meditation, practice sessions and related activities

-   Meditation to help you feel your emotions and develop emotional awareness

-   The theory and science behind mindfulness meditation

- Opportunities to share and discuss ways to make and keep your mindfulness practice for life

Mindfulness MeditationAbout the Guest Blogger:

Lorna Jutton is a mindfulness coach in schools. With a background in primary education, she is passionate about bringing the powerful tools of mindfulness to children, teachers and parents as well as the Shanghai community. She believes that with regular practice, mindfulness can help you to combat stress, reduce anxiety, increase your focus and creativity and appreciate every moment of your life more.

Mindfulness MeditationEvent Details:


Tuesday 13 June, 7-9pm


150 RMB including dinner

Method of Payment

Advance payment via Yoopay

Please note that spaces are limited, and tickets may not be available on the door.


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