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How to Connect with Anyone*: Guest Blogger Mai Stanek

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ConnectionWhat's Really the Problem?


I was out with a friend the other day. She and her boyfriend were on the train, standing at the exit, waiting for it to stop in a neighbouring town. A rogue suitcase came rolling down the aisle and hit her boyfriend in the leg. Being hit by a suitcase wasn’t enough to cause any real damage, but it startled and insulted him. He didn’t try to hide the irritation. He looked around for the owner. When no one came forward to claim responsibility, he then kicked the suitcase clear into the next car.


Half of the people reading this will either find that behaviour completely nuts, while the other half will find it completely understandable.


Why is this?


When we react to things in a negative way, like anger, at its root is a belief orvalue. If we follow the trail, it goes something like this: We’re hit by a (usually) inanimate object, owned by someone else. No one takes responsibility for the suitcase. No one takes responsibility. This is key. Had someone come forward and said, “Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention. Are you okay?” This would have acknowledged his pain and insult. And would have been an opportunity to rectify the situation and take responsibility. He would have forgiven the suitcase’s owner immediately. These are fundamental values that the man, hit, held. Had it been his luggage, he would have done that. Because to him, the value is everyone deserves respect.


But often no one says anything. The chief reason is fear. In the luggage owner’s case, it may have been fear of having charges pressed. In the owner’s lifetime, he/she has heard countless tales of how people squeeze money from others having suffered injuries. Half the people reading this would completely understand why no one came forward. 


The question is, what would you do if it happened to you? If you were the person whom the luggage flew into, or if you were the owner of the luggage? What would you do?


Where authenticity comes in is where your real values lie. Do you have a value that equally respects all forms of life, or just certain forms? Are you someone who courageously steps forward to admit a mistake, or someone who hides?

ConnectionTrue connection requires that we see others and are seen.


ConnectionYou are not limited to what you've done or not done.


That’s the amazing thing. At any time, you can make the decision to change a thought, which changes words, which changes actions, which changes character, which will change your destiny. It all just starts with a thought. The question is, what thoughts do you carry? In the end, it will hold your destiny. What destiny do you want?

ConnectionAbout the Guest Blogger:

Mai Stanek is a Educator/Courage and Authenticity Facilitator. She is a native of Canada, has worked a lifetime to bring authenticity to everything she does. She believes in being more rather than having more. Through her extensive mentor work with both adults and children, it had been made clear how much hurt children live in everyone, regardless of age.  Approaching life with humour, wonder, openness, and reflection, she hopes to help others realise that we all affect the lives of everyone we meet. We might not think we make a difference, but we do.

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