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PHBS Holds the 2017 Commencement

June is the time when graduates don caps and gowns to celebrate their achievements and bid farewell to their universities before they embark on a new journey in their life. On the sunny afternoon of June 3, Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) Commencement 2017 was held at the grand hall of PHBS building.

The 2017 Commencement

About 500 graduates, including 287 master students, 87 MBA students and 74 EMBA students, celebrated together with their friends and families. This was the first year that the PHBS commencement ceremony was covered live through the Internet.

Professor Thomas Sargent attends the Commencement

Special guests attending this ceremony were Thomas J. Sargent, 2011 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, professor of economics at New York University; Tung Shun Wong, deputy chairman and chief executive Asia-Pacific of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC); Wen Hai, vice chairman of Peking University Council and PHBS Dean, etc. Heads of academic and administrative departments, faculty representatives, alumni representatives and other guests also attended the ceremony and witnessed this memorable moment.

Students and staff sing “Love for PKU”

 A specially produced video “Good Times at PHBS”, which featured photo montages and inspirational text, kicked off the ceremony. The video shared many graduates’ memories and affection for their university. Colorful group activities and smiling faces are not only projected on the big screen, but also engraved in the memories of the graduates.
Students and graduates , together with the staff, sung the song "Love for PKU", which is the first song they learned here and the last song they sung before leaving.

 PHBS full-time student Xavier Lemyre (Canada) gives a graduation speech


MBA Graduate Zhihui Lei expresses his gratitude to PHBS

Xavier Lemyre and Zhihui Lei firstly spoke as graduate representatives. They recalled their life at PHBS. “Peking University stands like a tower on the mountain,” said full-time student Xavier Lemyre, adding that PHBS provides students with a higher and better platform, where he could make friends worldwide, as well as seek pleasure in the work. Zhihui Lei, an MBA graduate, commented that all the memories and influence given by PHBS, was like a legend and would last forever. For him, this experience is only about self-discovery, but also about re-connecting with passionate individuals. Lei said that the ties of friendship, mutual respect and gratitude that he developed here, would always be with him.

Professor Naqiong Tong speaks on the meaning of life accounting 

Professor Naqiong Tong put the knowledge of financial accounting and statement analysis into her speech and hopes everyone to understand the meaning of life accounting in their future. According to her speech, the balance sheet of life accounting also includes asset, liability and equity. Life asset means the resources that an individual owns and the capacity to carry out future services or benefits. Liabilities are all kinds of responsibilities from your family and the corporation. Equity is the ideal world that we need to pass to our future generations. However, Professor Tong pointed out that the life balance sheet would never stop on December 31, but keep evolving. She maintained that as assets tended to be depreciated or amortized, it means that in the life balance sheet, students should stay curious and keep further exploring the world by self-education and continuous learning.

Alumnus Jiyang Jin  gives a speech about career development


Jiyang Jin, master in economics from class of 2005, gave a speech as the representative of alumni. He shared his insights gained from his career, stressing the importance of collaboration. Jin said it was more important to work with alumni and partners during one’s career path rather than working alone, as the trust, encouragement and support from them were always at the core of the entrepreneurship. He then added that the sincere, passion and support among alumni was the most powerful possession students earned from PHBS. Therefore, Jin suggested that the graduates should build up their trust, which is the basis of collaboration.

HSBC deputy chairman and chief executive Tung Shun Wong delivers remarks

On behalf of distinguished guests, Tung Shun Wong, HSBC deputy chairman and chief executive delivered a speech. As an industry predecessor, he gave many valuable suggestions to the graduates who are about to enter the society. He reminded that young people should remember to thank their families and friends; get prepared to change life plans on the fly; seize every opportunity and rise to meet challenges. Wong also stressed that students should have moral integrity, since virtues such as honesty, fairness, honor, duty, and dedication were among the most important qualities in any career leader.

Professor Tan recalls the 15-year development path of PKUSZ

Professor Wenchang Tan, on behave of PKUSZ, gave a speech, recalling the 15-year development path of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School (PKUSZ), which reflected the PKU spirit of “sticking to your beliefs and make innovations”. He hoped that all the graduates could stay on the right track in such a complicated era.

 Dean Hai gives students a copy of his calligraphy work as a graduation gift

PHBS Dean Hai Wen gave students a copy of his calligraphy work as a graduation gift, on which he wrote “care nothing, but spare no efforts,” with the image of Money King (a mythological figure who features in a body of legends, and also in a 2015 Chinese animation film). “Care nothing” means that one is not constrained to tradition, doesn’t mind any gains or losses and has the courage to challenge the authorities.

Dean Hai delivers a speech

Dean Hai wishes that graduates of the new generation always have the courage to do the utmost, without minding losses or gains. He further elaborated that in the era of reformation and innovation, students should spare no efforts to do their work and rise to every challenge ahead. In the end, Dean Hai also talked about the 7-year plan of PHBS’s development, then hoping that graduates will achieve excellence in workplace and life at the time of PHBS 20th anniversary.


Professor Gang Fan honors ‘Outstanding Graduates of 2017’


At the end of this commencement, Professor Gang Fan honored ‘Outstanding Graduates of 2017’, and Dean Hai officiated at the commencement ceremony.

 Outstanding Graduates of 2017

Dean Hai officiates at the commencement ceremony

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By Yichun Song, Xinyu Hou
Edited by Annie Jin