Part One

By Terry

Tough love is an expression used when someone treats another person harshly or sternly with the intent to help them in the long run. The pills this article is offering might be too obnoxious to swallow at first but they are effective and might save your life “literally”.

So here we go....

Pill No. 1

Stop returning to your are not a dog!!!

Before you ever say you're over and done with a relationship or your partner, be sure it's truly and sincerely what you want. Ending a relationship and going back, over and over again, makes you a person with a weak character, someone whose words are not worth two cents. If your partner hurts you so much, has no respect for you, or is totally clueless on how to be there for you emotionally and otherwise, or if there is so much garbage piling up in the relationship for example, he drinks too much, his/her family doesn't want you; take out plenty of time alone and evaluate. Ask yourself the tough questions. Are you ready to keep taking the bullshit for as long as he/she continues to dish it out? Are you ready to sacrifice your happiness on the altar of intimacy?

You should be able to figure out whether a relationship can be salvaged or not...

If you make up your mind to end it, make sure you explain clearly to your partner why you are walking away and do so with your head held high and never look back. The heart is going to hurt for a while but trust me eventually, you will be thankful you took that bold step.

Pill No. 2

The best way to get over a man is NOT to get under are not a public dump!!!

There is this common myth about jumping into another's pants or arms to get over your erstwhile partner. No myth could be more wrong! Why, because if you don't take out the time to sort out your feelings and make wise resolutions after a failed relationship, you will end up dragging a string of broken bones behind you as the years elapse... this is because you will keep falling for the same wrong people, you will make the same bad judgements and you will be hurt all over again. The worst thing would be to end up marrying them.

So do the world a favour, keep those legs closed/zip up, you are not a public dump!!!!

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