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Aussie Politician: Syrian Could Know Cure for Cancer

By Shannon Plum

Australian government senator Cory Bernadi used an interview with ABC to declare his support for the immediate refusal of all Syrian refugees trying to enter the country. He suggested that among these new refugees, there could be many terrorists, and therefore, in keeping with national interests, there should be a policy to completely avoid that potential by barring all Syrians from Australia.

As ridiculous a notion as this is, there are certainly groups within Australia who feel this way. The rationale is that while they don't believe every Syrian is a terrorist, the risk is too high to take. In order to prevent another terrorist attack occurring on Aussie soil, we should simply discriminate an entire nationality, just in case.

Thankfully there are other politicians from the same political party who disagree with this, and who are unafraid to speak their opinions. Ewen James, another Aussie politician, has come out in response to the remarks by saying that “Sure there could be a terrorist in there, but there could also be the cure for cancer.”

He is quite right. Just as there is a risk for any foreign person to bring something negative to a country, there is simultaneously an opportunity to bring greatness.

However, Bernadi continues to fight back and notes that “We have extremist elements at work in this country. Why would we risk bringing in more to add to their ranks, even potentially, and bear the financial and social burden that comes with that?”

Playing on the fear factor, many Australian's are feeling as though it's “better to be safe than sorry.”

These fears are not restricted to just Australians, in fact, they are currently being reflected across the world as we react to the recent Paris attacks.

The U.S already has 31 state governors refusing all Syrian refugees entry. Mosques all over the world have been vandalized in keeping with the belief that all Muslims are associated with ISIS - obviously untrue.

It is therefore highly refreshing to see both people in power and ordinary citizens jumping to defend Syrians, Muslims and anyone being a target of one's ignorance.

Jones finished his plea for Syrians to be given a chance by stating that “There could be a fifth-generation Australian that's a terrorist, you just can't know.”

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