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WARNING: Professional Foreign Beggar in Shenzhen Metro

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Shenzhen-ers are warned to be careful when approached by this gentleman on the Shenzhen Metro.

He is an American man who appears to be a professional beggar. He claims to work for the church and wants to spread the word of Jesus, but given the laws around religion in China, that is not going to be the case.

He goes by several different names (including Eric & Miguel), and was recently spotted renewing his visa.

He has been seen at various points on the Shenzhen Metro claiming to have lost his wallet or bag, or to have had it stolen, and asking foreigners for 20 RMB. He will only approach foreigners and has been known to canvas trains to try and find foreigners on the metro to seek the money. If approached by him, he may be extremely aggressive, so be careful.

He does not want to be recorded by foreigners and more connected elements of the expat community are sharing information about him to try and help others.

It has been alleged that he has sexually assaulted foreign women in Shenzhen, and complaints have been made to police but the police have said that he didn’t do anything – he is ‘just’ grabbing woman and panhandling.

If you have any further problems, please contact the police on 110.

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