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There are two kinds of tech people — which are you?

"There are only two kinds of people in this world ..."

Or at least that's the premise of 2 Kinds of People, a clever Tumblr blog by Portuguese art designer João Rocha that perfectly captures exactly what those dual personality types are.

Rocha's blog doesn't just cover tech topics, but our favorite posts focus on the hilarious ways that people use tech differently. Which kind of person are you?

Rocha tells Business Insider that he aims to highlight the "innocent differences that set our personalities apart." Like, if you're the type of person to neatly name your files or not.

Do you set your apps free or put them in folders?

Do lingering notifications drive you crazy?

Do you play around or take these things seriously?

Rocha thinks of most of the differences himself, but readers have also suggested hundreds of ideas.

Do you dig different tabs or different windows?

How creative do you get with your wi-fi?

Rocha says that each post can take between half an hour or three. His favorite part is reading people's reactions.

Do you actually eject your flash-drive correctly or do you yank it out?

Old school selfie or selfie stick?

Rocha loves when he sees people getting really into the blog, trying to define themselves through each post.

Are you ever a hashtag junkie?

How much consolidation do you do on your desktop?

Do you keep these stickers on or peel them off?

Sound always off or always on?

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