Wahaha International School (WIS)     2017-06-20     share

  AsiaPay: Enhancing Payment Processes     2017-06-07     share

  Magnificent Philippines     2017-06-29     share

  Montessori Academy     2017-07-18     share

  Study Online, Graduate on Campus     2017-07-21     share

  The Dragon Boat Festival     2017-05-26     share

  Taste the Best of China for Less!     2017-03-30     share

  Tips from Mr. Thomas Cook     2017-07-26     share

  We are Time Out Shanghai!     2017-07-28     share

  Adorable Twins Admission     2017-08-03     share

  At AXA, We've got you covered!     2017-08-04     share

  SkySea Cruise Line     2017-08-07     share

  Inktale Translation & Consultancy     2017-08-10     share

  Oishi     2017-08-11     share

  Making Shanghai Smile     2017-08-16     share

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 The Expat Show Shanghai comes back for its 9th edition on September 11-13th, 2015 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.