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Castle Town Orthodontic Bruno / TSC Architects

From the architect. This building is located in Nishio-shi, Aichi where the taste of the castle town remains, Japan.

We provided the open space such as the park to the cityscape on planning a dental clinic on this ground and wanted to contribute to local people.

And we read the historic background of the town and planned an adjoining building using a local tile from the open space.

This building leads eyes from the open space to trees and the sky of the Shinto shrine and provides the place of peace to the cityscape. We hope that people feel healing and the history.

In addition, the tile along with the orderliness images beautiful alignment of teeth. We assume it the symbol of the thought of the dentist to think to want to do the help of the smile by treatment.

In addition, We planned it to locate an inner garden in the waiting room, and to become the extension of the scenery from the outside.






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