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Get to know more about the Becycle family!

This week we are glad to let you know more about a regular Becycler, Pascale Dahan.  Have you ever killed that bike with her?

Discover how she answered our rapid interview!

 How was your first class at Becycle? 


 The feeling after a spinning class? 


 Which health benefits could you see improving? 

Spinning is a great stress reliever while strengthening my legs and improving my cardiovascular endurance.

 Your favorite workout song?  

Anything on Noureddine's playlist! ;-)

 And what do you sing in the shower?  

I don't think anyone wants to hear me singing... 

 What do you like to do besides spinning?   

Learning Muay Thai or watching Chinese drama.

 What makes you feel happy? 

Mmmm I believe being happy is a decision you make when you wake up in the morning! 

 Your favorite food?  

Spicy! Anything spicy...

 Your best destination for holidays?  

As a Muay Thai fanatic, definitely a Thailand training camp!

 The background picture on your smartphone? 

The iPhone default background, maybe a bit boring ;-)