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While My Guitar Gently Vomits

Hey ho, Beijing. Meow’s it going? Sure the cold might be bitter, the air might be toxic, and the screws might be tightening everyday, but what does that matter when we’ve got a whole barrel of rock, noise, and scuzz to wash the awful taste out of your mind? Get amongst it already.


Friday, weekend ahoy, put on a sailor’s suit and hat. Things will be getting loud and cray-cray at Hot Cat with A. Borealis,Oldy Baby,Rhonda,Bastards of Imperialism from 9p.m. A few streets over rockabilly masters of disguise Rolling Bowling will be returning to School as part of Converse’s Rubber Tracks series from 9:30p.m. Celebrating the imagined past, all night long.


Saturday, christmas shopping, chop down some trees, share links to The Shanghaiist on a social networking platform that is banned by the state. Experimental psych duo CompCollider will be releasing their new CD with support from December 3AM at fRuityspace, 9p.m start with the CD included in the ticket, get on that O.G jazz. Not too far away CoolRhythm will be providing a live soundtrack to the classic film ‘Cool Runnings’ at DDC from 9p.m. Over onFangjia Whai and Felling Tree will be rocking the walls at Hot Cat from 9:30p.m, and a little way over from there School will be having an allday punk thing titled Beijing Chaos Attack with D-Crash, Shave’n’Shut, Tumourboy, Gumbleed, The Flyx, DTK, UnregenerateBlood,and Duff Beer from 4p.m.


Sunday,drag your unwashed backside out of bed for a worthy cause at DDC with Syri Art featuring a heap of awesome art for a silent auction as well as performances from Ani, Jess Meider’s Chinatown, Solaris,Moor Hick,Nancy & The Fantastic, and Atelier II &Gene Earle from 5p.m, all of it in aid the people of Syria. Later Voodoo Cats, a Hendrix tribute act, will be spreading the Purple Haze at Hot Cat from 9p.m., and at School TheSecond Kick,Need A Name,Sweet Boy, and The Triangle will be getting rough from 9p.m.


Next week, jam the week off to a productive start or stay at home and work on your Magic The Gathering strategies. Monday is all about the open mic at Caravan where couscous pairs wonderfully with acoustic and electric jams from 9p.m. Tuesday, it’s the jazz jam at Jianghu or else a night of rock and/or roll with Rectangle, By Dream, Silent Speech, and Marginal Paradise at DDC from 9p.m. Finally, Wednesday catch the Dragon Jazz Quartet chasing the same vibe Chet Baker was after at Jianghu Bar from9p.m.


That’s it for now. Next week, maybe the last GUIGUISUISUI performance of 2016 if the popo let us have any fun. Bye.