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Nekroma Cometh

Hi Beijing, how are you? Holy smokes, I can see the sky! Better goplay chess in a park or chase squirrels or something. I’m about to peace out from this intriguing mess of a city for a few months but before I do I’m most excited to invite all of you to the debut performance of Nekroma this Saturday. Doom, soundscaping, a one string skateboard guitar, it’s all going down this weekend. Let me tell you more about plus some other fun stuff.


Today, Wednesday, scrap whatever plans you had tonight (unless it was a Warhammer 40K tournament in which case disregard everything I’m about to say) and drag your sorry hide over to Temple for the man, the myth, the legend, Hugh Reed and his Electric Shadows. Rescheduled from last month don’t miss out on Scotland’s most cherished movie extra go through an average of sixteen costume changes a minute. 9:30 pm start. If you’re over Wudaoying way check out The Redundant Seconds, Astronauts from Hell, and The FellingTrees getting real and loose at School from 9:30p.m.


Tomorrow is Thursday and if you’re into that whole Mongolia folk rock vibe then Istrongly suggest you check out TheLiving Mythologies at DDC from 9p.m. There are going tobe live performances from minotaurs and ladies with snakes in their hair andother cool stuff. For something mythologically significant in another way checkout Murdernista where The Groove Collective will be ensuring the red rum flows all night long from 9p.m.


Friday, weekend ahoy me hearties! First and foremost dig Glamour Manifesto, Backspace, and December 3AM at Temple from 10p.m. December 3AM alone make it a night well spent; it’s been a while since I’d seen those two cats live but my god they blew me away last weekend, such a wide palette of sounds, so much space, yet at the same time tighter than a nun’s unmentionables. Get involved. Over at School a solid and varied night featuring She NeverSings Our Songs, Rhonda, Silent Speech, and Division Control over from Tianjin kicking off from 9:30p.m.


Saturday, Nakoma and GUIGUISUISUI proudly present Nekroma: the black robed skateboard-zither wielding King Necro and high priestess of sin Pumpkin Queen joining forces with Nakoma’s rhythm section of Nico Mazzei and Linda Westman to create dark and doomy soundscapes themed around immoral acts, environmental destruction, and misguided faith. This will be the quartet’s first and last show together as Linda leaves Beijing the next day, so buckle in for one hell of a trip with support from post rock maestros Rhonda and stonermetal centaurs Never Before. It’s all going down at Temple from 10p.m. Alternatives to that: Xiao He at Yue Space, bringing the “echo action” to ‘jing which has seen the artist crowd funding a DIY national tout that has included collaborating with local musicians across the nation. 9:30p.m start. Over at School Genjing Records presents a night of oddball music from around the globe with Octopoulpe, Le Crabe, Digou, and Klaus Legal from 9:30p.m.


Sunday, I believe Mr.Hangover has some business to discuss with you and it may involve smacking you repeatedly round the head with a frying pan and telling you how much yousuck at life. After you drag yourself out of the pool of your own bodily fluids you could a) limp over to School for some headbanging tunes from 80’s Revolver from Harbin with support from Golden Rum from 9:30p.m b) Dig Seigo, some jazz from Japan, at Modernista from 9:30p.m c) Grab your kazoo and join the Hot Cat jam from 10p.m d) stay at home and listen to the comforting hum of your refrigerator.


Next week is the Caravan open mic on Monday from 9p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday? Beats me, buying stuff for your loved ones to prove you care about them in preparation for Satanmass I guess.


Be well, Beijing.