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MDC and Enter The Sagman

Why hello there Beijing, how are you these days? When I was browsing through to rip off this week’s gig listing I discovered that the AQI is hovering100, which tells me if I was in Beijing I wouldn’t go for a run, but neither would I be cuddling my air purifier, softly weeping. Better then? Anyway this week Beijing is graced by the presence of an institute of rock, a band that has inspired some many and changed the face of music: MDC (aka. Millions of Dead Cops). Oh, and next week Metallica are coming. Yipee.


Friday, it’s that time again! Yes, it’s the School Bar awards where School Bar give awards and beer to the bands they really like, usually bands who play there a lot. I don’t think there’s much point in overthinking this one: the crew at School Bar want to get toasted and have their favourite bands play and package it as an awards thingy. Expect punk rock and chugging competitions from 9p.m. Meanwhile Ember Swift’s album release will be going down at DDC, also with the possibility of beer chugging competitions, if only slightly less likely, from 9p.m. The Spice Machine will be tearing jazz a new hole at Murdernista from 9:30p.m, and China Rock Camp will be happening at 13 Club featuring Heaven, Purgatory, Windsor Forest, Aimu, Big Sound, and Dongzi, all talking about their favourite hairstylists and mincing around to Madonna between sets from 9p.m.


Saturday: MDC will be bringing the noise at School Bar with support from Round Eye, The Elected Officials, and Human Centipede from 9p.m. Anything else you have planned this weekend will suck like a blackhole in comparison. Oh, and ask Chach from Round Eye if they have any of their new shirts with them, obligatory apparel for your Monday morning kindergarten class. Meanwhile Steve Mac and the Mac Daddies will be howling about red rum at Murdernista and 5th China Folk Fest will be going down at Beijing Music Space (7 Banqiao Lane, Dongsi) featuring The Frogs, Robella, Dimo and more from 4:30p.m.


Sunday: how’s that hangover tasting? Mmmmm, pain on the inside of your head, such a delicate spice. Next time follow Bojack Horseman’s advice and stick to bourbon cut with water instead of whatever weird mystery shots you got handed at Temple. Once you’re sort of back in the land of the living creep over to School to survey the wreckage and dig The Sino Hearts ,The Beauty, and Them Wayfarers rocking out in the rubble from 9p.m. Also of note is Splitworks welcoming “Africa’s next guitar hero”, Vieux Farka Toure to Yugong Yishan. Desert blues from 8:30p.m, looks awesome.


Next week: Monday, open mic at Caravan. Rum, Moroccan fusion cuisine, rum, a stage, rum, you on the stage. It all makes perfect sense from 9p.m. Tuesday, jazzage jamage at Jianghu from 9p.m. Grindcore and EDM also welcome.


Wednesday: Metallica grace Beijing with their presence at LeSports Center in support of their latest effort Hardwired... To Self-Destruct (because the pool boy can’t come  until next Tuesday). If this was 2010 and I was still working for nauseously boring lifestyle magazine I’d no doubt be pressured to pimp this gig out like the fate of the galaxy of the universe depended on it, but I don’t. In fact I’m not even sure the editors of this app know who Metallica are, and that suits me just fine. So, it’s there if you want it and I won’t judge if you do choose to go. A band are coming to entertain their fans and there’s no harm in that. All I will say is if you’re on the fence consider taking the money you’d drop on a ticket and spending that on seeing five or six shows around Beijing of bands you’ve never heard of. You never know, you might find something you like even more.


Alright, I’ll get off my soapbox now and get back to emailing European promoters. Enjoy the week.