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Generally Nice Things

Hi Beijing, how are you? How was the long weekend for you? I hope you were able to kiss goodbye to your favourite hutong bars and weren’t forced to pee in any cups by stern looking men. Or police officers. Here at Dez Seys we (the royal we, naturally) have decided that writing so many angry things has started to take it’s toll, so we’re taking a break from being all Negative Nancy, instead trying on a new persona known as Positive Peggy. Yeah, we’ve curious to see if this will last for the duration of the next 500 words too. Here goes:


This Wednesday will be a lovely day because it falls right in the middle of a lovely week in this beautiful city. There are lots of exciting and meaningful events for you to get involved in, here are two that we would like to recommend: first of all the Floso Workshop at Floso on Gulou East that will feature talks on how to mix electronic music, the applications of multi-band compressors, and how to press flowers. All from 7p.m. Meanwhile at DDC there will be some ethnic world music from HasSak, that will be culturally enlightening from 9p.m.


On Thursday we think you should definitely go to Arcjqiqu Smile at DDC from 9p.m. It’s post rock from Japan and everyone loves post rock because it’s like the soundtrack to a really epic movie. “Which movie?” you may ask. Why, the magnificent biopic that is your life, playing out scene by scene, like the Truman Show. That was a nice movie, wasn’t it? Everyone loves Jim Carrey.


Friday, the weekend begins, so let’s all link arms and travel around the city by subway giving free hugs to people. Afterwards we can all go to DDC to watch LMT Connection, who have performed together almost six decades, recorded six albums, played over 6000 shows, and rescued no less than 73 kittens from trees. Let the positive vibes run high from 9p.m. For more positive vibes head over to School to hand out more free hugs to the men in black tee shirts waiting for D-Crash, Struggle Session, and more from 9p.m. And at Temple you can do the twist to the heartwarming sounds of Rhonda, Pacalolo, Macondo, and Sunn E)))))) from 9:30p.m.


Saturday, the best way to start this day will be a refreshing swim around Houhai and then some dancing with some of Chaoyang’s aunties in a square somewhere. Those sisters really know how to shake it! When the sun goes down the happy vibes continue at Yue Space with the album launch for MC Dawei’s Through You, I Conquer Time. While it may sound likely a slightly aggressive title the record is actually about making scented soaps for your elderly relatives. 9p.m start. At School Bar Russian psychobilly band The Meantraitors will be joined by Rolling Bowling and Underdog to educate young people on why rub on tattoos and planned parenthood are the way to go from 9p.m. Finally at DDC it will be The Hunters album release featuring their best buds Disaster Chat, from 9p.m also.


Sunday, we will be getting up super early to give massages to the trees in Chaoyang park and teach the blind how to tap dance. You’re welcome to join us. Later you can catch Erynn Marshall and Carl Jones at DDC for an afternoon of bluegrass from 3p.m and then later Core will be at DDC for some jazz action from 9p.m.


Next week will be a lovely, lovely week full of sugar and spice. There aren’t many musical activities on Monday but there’s probably a choir group you can join with to sing your favourite Disney songs. Next Tuesday No Future will be at Yue Space, featuring tap dance, pipa, and beat box and although that sounds like Negative Nancy Dann making stuff up again (like when I claimed Randy Abel has a country-dubstep side project) this wonderful project is really a thing. 9p.m start. Finally next Wednesday it’s all about world music at DDC with Nadishana from 9p.m, and the next Floso Workshop at Floso about how to make exciting adventure courses out of cardboard for small animals and children from 7p.m.


May blessings heap upon you my friends, I’m off to make some potpourri for my neighbors. Ta ta for now!