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Pray For Fangjia

Hi Beijing. If you believe in some kind of entity that appreciates you praying to it, perhaps bow your head for a moment. You might think about buses of Syrian refuges getting blown to pieces. Perhaps you’ll consider the armada of warships sailing towards the Korean peninsula. Maybe you’ll contemplate the irradiated seawater pumping out of the Fukushima power plant into the Pacific Ocean. Or perhaps you’ll think about another hutong haunt getting ‘cleaned’ and the owners of small businesses worrying about how the hell they’ll pay the rent. Whatever you pray for, appreciate the fleeting moments, for everything becomes history eventually.


Wednesday , it’s time for the second edition of the Floso Workshop, a get together/class for those interested in making bleepy sounds and banging beats. This week’s topics include how various effects can be applied in electronic music, Elvis T talking modular synths, and how to use Live to make techno music, all that at Floso from 7p.m. Meanwhile over at DDC there’s going to be an interesting mix of folk, indie, and goth with Abel & Eade, Willow, and Jordan Darling from 9p.m.


Thursday , Swiss metal band Lacrimosa are returning to China for the their fourth tour to share tracks from their latest album, a slightly jingoistic affair about how all other nations’ pocket knives pale in comparison to the Swiss model. They’ll be bragging about the corkscrew bit at Tango from 9p.m The Beijing Jazz series perseveres at DDC, with some bad attitude from Bad Monk from 9p.m. It’s going to be like the evil ghost of Thelonious Monk coming to your house party upper decking your toilet, stealing all your cheese, and then leaving without saying bye. From 9p.m.


Friday, the start of the collective fiction commonly referred to as the weekend, when it is socially acceptable to be less productive in terms of labour but increase your consumption of goods and service. Hooray. For some folky vibes check at Samaga live at fRUITYSPACE from 9p.m. Rob Smith aka. RSD will be cautioning you to watch your dubstep, live at Dada from 10p.m until your sensory organs begin to fail. Over by the Worker’s Stadium Stiv Hey and Sci+Tec will be inviting you to wave your hands in the air at Lantern from 10p.m until godknowswhen.


Saturday, you’ll most likely wake up and put on ‘Kids’ by MGMT and dance around to it in your underwear until you remember the time you were blackout drunk at <insert name here> on Fangjia Hutong slurring along to the lyrics with your dearest of Beijing friends. Then a solitary tear will roll down your cheek as you contemplate moving another day closer to your mortality. On a more cheery note all round merchant of fun DmH returns to Beijing to join Noise Arcade for a night of fun and frolics at 8-Bit, both of them in the DJ booth but not deejayin from 9p.m. There’s an all day punk rock festival thingy at Tango courtesy of D.O.G, featuring The Pumpkins, Gumbleed, Under Dog, Shave n’ Shut, Ouch, Steely Heart, Purple Soul, The Diders with Wang Jian, and Mr. Sea Turtle from 3p.m onwards. And then the afterparty at School from 8:30pm with Mr. Irish Bastard (Germany), Human Centipede, Struggle Session, The Sino Hearts, Free Sex Shop,

Mai, Ambulance of Love, and Day Dream. Recipe for a delicious hangover right there. And for something else The Glamour Manifesto, WHAI, and HiElectrome will be rocking out so you can throw shapes like it’s 2008 and you’re listening to MGMT for the first time at Morgansky Lab from 8:30p.m.



Sunday, the dust will have settled on Fangjia and the survivors will emerge, blinking at the haze. The structure of the alleyway will remain but the cultural construct will be irreversibly changed. Some will continue to try and eek out an existence there, while others will move on to more fertile habitats elsewhere. The circle of life continues. Splitwork’s latest import arrive at Yugong Yishan, Owen Pallett: violinist, composer, horse whisperer. Experience the dream from 9p.m. For some hip hop vibes dig Xu Zhenzhen at School for the Beijing stop on his national tour from 9p.m.


Next week: Monday, the collective fiction of the weekend will have ceased and be replaced by the construct of the work week. Your labour productivity will be expected to return to normal as a consequence. Tuesday, there be that olde jazz jam at Jianghu from 9p.m. And next Wednesday the third edition of the Floso Workshop at Floso (details on that next week) while some kicked back jazz guitar will be going down at fRUITYSPACE with Zhang Xiongguan from 9p.m.


Adios Beijing.