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Lucky 13: Help us empty the Kegs today & The Lab Preview

So folks, the new goodies are getting ready for 28, Xiguan hutong and we need to start clearing up some space for it all.

So tonight, lucky 13 (of september), we're targetting the beers and wanna get the kegs empty....

For that purpose, we're throwing in deals you can't miss:

Kirin: 20 RMB/pint or 4 for 60 RMB

Jing A: 30 RMB/Pint or 4 for 100 RMB

(not during social hour)

While supplies last!

So get your ass to Xiguan Hutong and drink up... got something better to do on a tuesday?  I didn't think so!

======= The Lab Preview =========================

People keep asking what's going... we're almost there with the new stuff and here is a little preview:

Homemade Vermouth with Xinjiang 5 Spices

New Barware and Serving options

More Barware kits... we're serious about The Lab

Wait til you try this baby, another homemade vermout with 1421 Wines and Yunnan Mijiu

Unplugged Social Hour 不插電社交
Every night, at Caravan and Cuju, between 6 and 7 pm, drop your phone off at the bar for an hour and enjoy 50% off your bill. Yes, it’s that simple!