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Tonight: ANARKISTO Pop-up! Moroxican Night

Tonight, ANARKISTO is coming out of the trenches again for a quick pop-up over at CUJU, continuing our efforts for a food ReVoLuTiOn

Moroccan + Mexican = Moroxican

Badr has been busy trying out all kinds of dishes over the past few months and ANARKISTO has been making the rounds around Beijing. Fromt the Great Leap Beer Festival to various pop-up events around town, we're blending tastes and cultures.

For this wednesday, we're throwing the Lemon Chicken Tagine, The Harissa Beef Tagine and our Berber Tagine into tortillas, adding couscous and other goodies as needed and making a food revolution.

For the evening, we're also continuing the ANARKY with a special drink: The ANARKIST using our soon to be unleashed Roasted Pineapple Rum and Tonic

So, see you in the hutongs for a little ANARKI