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Major Events of 12th International Culture Festival


A one-hour event when all the guests and Yuhua buddies walk the“Red Carpet".

We now have confirmed that the following schools and organizationsfrom overseas that will attend the Culture Festival while await otherconfirmation:

Walther- Rathenau Gymnasium, Germany

Landesgym fuer Hochbegabte Schwaebisch, Germany

Vasterviks Gymnasium,Sweden

Gredos San Diego Schools,Spain

Betania Patmos School,Spain

Hwa Chong Insititution ,Singapore

Hwa Chong Insititution boarding school,Singapore

Shizuoka Gakuen,Japan

Miraldure School,South Korea

Sistema Educativo Colegios,Mexico

ACT Education Solutions,Limited U.S.A.

Creative Secondary School,HK SAR

Chinese International School, HK SAR

Lynfield College, New Zealand

Westminster School, Australia


7thPrincipals’ Forum

A 2-day event with limited places in participants. The Principals’Forum this year will focus on the school community and environmentalsustainability. All the attending members are expected to exhibit their schoolachievements in these fields.

The posters exhibition and ice break activities will be held onDAY 1, seminars and reception dinners on DAY 2.


A 3-day event starting on November 8 when all Greentown Yuhuastudents sell secondhand or other things.

For guest schools we offer a booth for school introduction. It isa good opportunity for students from abroad and home tohave a face-to-face interaction with guest schools, and know more other countries. Please prepare a way to present your school e.g.exhibit school products such as pins,pens, exercise books, school uniforms , use posters, yearbooks etc. Besides, you can sell anything with school logos or local productsin the flea market.

Take your time looking around and get lost in the crowd, maybe youwill find something special.

Farewell Party

Exit event organized by students association on the evening ofDAY3. All students, home and abroad, will put onperformances (no more than 2 from one school). It is also a big thank-you partyto the students, teachers, parents, alumni, and all other members of theGreentown Community for their support.

We are happy to prepare basic musical instruments such as piano orguitar.

Stay tuned to us for more information ofother events such as FunGames, Modeling UN, Culture experiences……