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Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua

BRIEF INTRODUCTION HangzhouGreentown YuhuaSchool is located in the west of Hangzhou Citywith Xixi wetland in the south, Zhejiang University in the north,which takes up an area of 11.67 hectares with beautiful environment andadvanced facilities. It is a modern boarding school of the first class inChinaintegrating the functions of garden, campus, homeland and paradise. The schoolhas been taking initials and implementing transforming in schooling in thepursuit of providing opportunities to each Yuhua student.

AWARDS It is the only key private school directly under thejurisdiction of Hangzhou Education Bureau and awarded "the NationalOutstanding Private School" by the China National Ministry of Education,"Youth Civilization Unit of Zhejiang Province" and "First PeaceDemonstration School of Hangzhou City". Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua EducationGroup is one of the five famous education groups in Hangzhou City,which was twice awarded "Outstanding Education Group". As a schoolwith the features of sports and art in Zhejiang Province,the school attaches great importance to cultivating students’ overall quality.The student media “Green Voice” won national awards for many times. Thestudents in this school attended many national, provincial and municipal contestsand over 100 students won awards. Along with the overall upgrade of key schoolsin Zhejiang Province, the school was listed into thefirst 32 provincial demonstration high schools in February, 2014 after severalexaminations and assessments by the experts in the provincial department ofeducation.

INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE Theschool attaches importance to international exchange and keeps in touch withthe first-grade international education. It establishes ties of twinningschools with 13 foreign famous schools including Hwa Chong Institution inSingapore, Walther-Rathenau-Gymnasium inGermany, the WinsorSchool in US, Delhipublic School inIndia, Lynfield CollegeinNew Zealandand Folkungaskolan in Sweden etc., and cooperates with other 10 foreign famousschools. The school selects and dispatches over 200 students to go abroad forinvestigation and study including participation into the “Global StudentLeaders Summit” inSingaporefor 8 consecutive years. It is the practice base of UppsalaUniversity inSwedenand theChinese culture learning base for high school students of German EducationDepartment. With the help of municipal government, the school concludes aneducation agreement with Chinese International Schoolin Hong Kong, a world-famous private school, to establish a CIS learning centerinChinain the campus. These two schools will have a wide cooperation concerningteacher training, student interaction and curriculum exchanges, etc.

CURRICULUM Based on the good-quality internationaleducation resources, the curriculum system in the school develops its ownunique style. It adopts the "Elective Course and Optional Class"system in an all-round way according to the domestic and foreign advancededucation system and the students select their curriculum, level and classaccording to their ability, preference and flexibility for common developmentof academic performance and comprehensive quality. The curriculum project inthe school is highly matched with students’ career planning so that the studentscan flexibly make up their three-year learning plans. Besides the compulsorycourses in the graded learning system, they can select dozens of high-qualitycourses in the school such as archery, seal cutting, the French language, teaculture, business operation and planning, etc., concerning three core coursesin Yuhua School including students’self-cultivation, international comprehension ability and life education. Thestudent management system evolves from the class adviser system to thedual-track system of class adviser and tutor, and more than 10 professionalteachers will give individual instructions for every student on courseguidance, moral education, boarding management, career planning, psychologicalguidance, etc.

DSD PROGRAM The school established a DSD Germanlanguage course authorized by German Education Ministry in 2007, through whichstudents learn the German language, and they will study in German universitiesas a German student after relevant examination and enjoy German local tuitionstandard (about 400 Euros annually). The DSD passing rate of graduates in theprevious three years was higher than 80%, while it reached 100% in 2013.By now69 students were admitted into the preparatory courses by some nationaluniversities such as Philipps-Universitat Marburg and Karlsruher Institut fürTechnologie. The school cooperates with ZhejiangUniversity to organize a class forstudying in theAmericaandCanadain relation to some famous universitiesin theAmerica,Canada,AustraliaandEnglandand realizes international cooperation of studying abroad. And the sisterschools abroad also provide many opportunities for our school and have admitted7 groups of students into their high schools since 2006.


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