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Pirate Diaries: Rum of the Month, Cocktails of the Week

Avast Mateys...
Continuing our new tradition, we're ready for a different batch of rum & cocktails features:

Rum of the Month: Sailor Original Jerry Spiced

Probably one the best mainstream rums in the market, Sailor Jerry keeps a special place in our hearts. How can we forget the live tatoo party where a few folks, including our staff, got tattooed right there in the bar (maybe hindsight 20/20 it wasn't the best idea).

We love Sailor Jerry, on the rocks with lime or as a Sailor & Coke.... It's simple and hits the spot, every time!

From their website:

Spiced rum is a blender’s game and it’s one we’re very good at. As a family distiller that started with whisky, we have some of the most talented blenders in the business. (How hard is it to be a blender here? We’ve only had 6 Master Blenders in 125 years). Our blenders may not have seagoing experience, but we feel confident they would have been welcomed aboard any 18th century ship simply based upon their way with rum.

Our higher proof spirit is historically accurate. In fact, the term “proof” comes from the method whereby sailors could assure their rum rations weren't being watered down. The ship's captain would ladle out a sample from the day's rum barrel in front of the men. He'd douse it with gunpowder, then give it a spark — if the rum was full strength, the powder ignited, giving sailors “proof” of the integrity of their rum. Our higher proof rum is ideal for holding the character and richness of our spices. It pulls everything together and actually makes the rum smoother.

Drink your Sailor Jerry all Month for RMB30

Cocktails of the Week - RMB 35 all week.

White Cuban:

Our Rummy version of this classic! The Big Lebowsky took a trip to cuba and decided to stay there. Using cuju's Vanilla Rum, it's like having the Buenavista Social Club in a glass.


An ancestor of the sangria, this boozy old world cocktails brings back feelings of centuries gone by.

Bermuda Triangle:

What is better than a rum & coke? 5 rums & coke. We took a Long Island Ice Tea, threw away all the other liquors and replaced them with rum. yeah, you're gonna get lost in it.

at RMB35 a piece, there is no better value in this town!

Get your rear side to Xiguan Hutong baby!