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Exploring Taiwan in 48 hours?

Taiwan in 48 hours

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Explore Taiwan with our 48 hours Itinerary. Discover the best spots in this beautiful island:

Day 1

9:00 am – National Museum (Stay for 2 hours)

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The National Palace Museum displays some 6,000 works of art representing the zenith of 5,000 years of Chinese culture as well as foreign pieces of work.


12:00 pm -Taroko Gorge's spectacular landscape (Stay for 4 hours)

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Taroko Gorge is part of Taroko National Park. The area is renowned for its magnificent mountains, deep canyons cutting off from the main gorge, head-spinning precipices, elegant waterfalls, and raw, wild rapids.


17:00 pm - Shilin Night Market (Stay for 2 hours)

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Night Markets are an important aspect of the culture of Taiwan. Shilin Night Market is the most popular one in Taipei, where you will need a few hours to explore the numerous alleyways and lanes for interesting shops. Other than food vendors, the market also has stalls for clothes and other items. Exploring the night market is certainly one the best things to do after dark in Taipei.


20:00 pm - Taipei 101 (Stay for less an hour)

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The view from Taipei 101 is the perfect way to end your first day in Taiwan. The building, for a time the highest one in the world, is a wonder of engineering that offers tremendous views from its observation deck near the top. 


 Day 2

8:00 am - Beitou Hot Springs (Stay for 2 hours)

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The hot spring valley in Beitou is highly popular amongst tourists who want to spend a relaxing time in the naturally heated, mineral laden waters.


11:00 am - Longshan Temple (Stay for 1 hour)

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Constructed in 1738 and located in the Wanhua District of Taipei, this iconic temple is dedicated to a mixture of Buddhist, Taoist and other local folk deities.


 13:00 pm – Taipei Zoo (Stay for 3 hours)

     © kengo909/Instagram 

Founded in 1914, this famous zoological park is the largest in Asia including an unbelievable number of animal species and endangered species that are preserved and protected here.

17:30 pm -Sun Moon Lake (Stay for 1 hour)

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This enchanting lake (the largest one in Taiwan) is famous for its clear, sparkling blue water set against a picturesque mountain backdrop.

Welcome to Taiwan!

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