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How to Release Negative Emotions?

Do you sometimes feel oppressed by negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, or depression? If you are destined to get access to my wechat account or if you are looking for a method to manage and transcend bad emotions, congrats! I hope here is where can bring positive energy and increase your vibration.

As I mentioned in the previous article that I am an atheist. But I will also communicate with Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism people and seek for eastern ancient wisdom. Stepping into a higer frequency , I realized that the whole universe is the one or in another word , WE ARE THE ONE.

There are many ways to improve your spirituality but the philosophy behind it is actually interlinked. Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism, they may have different ideology system but they all agree that all these negative emotions are not natural to our true being – they belong to the realm of the ego.

Today I am going to introduce a method and please find the guided steps as below: 

1.Recognize:Recognize that fear has arisen and face it. Don’t say "I’m afraid", instead say "fear is here". 

2.Introspect:Take one to three deep breaths, and bring your attention inside yourself.Thismeans don’t pay attention to the person, object or circumstance that triggeredthe emotion, but rather attend to the emotion itself. Accept that the feelingis there.

3.Scan: Now you focus in this moment and juststay with your bad emotions right here. Imagine you are with another you in aroom and this “another you” is the manifestation of your bad emotions.  And scan your body and ask how does it feel inmy body?

4.Introspect again:Ask where is the emotion from?Don’t use words to explain and answer, just keep the question alive. Does this feeling have a substance, a color, a size and what’sthe vibration of it? Contemplate how this feeling is impermanent. Where did it come from and where will it go?

5. Release:Let it be whatever it is – but don’t create stories and assumptions around it. Just let it go.

You can spend as much time as you need  Learn as much as possible about the negative feeling. See if this emotion is the real problem, or if it is something else underneath it. I can’t tell you what is underneath it, the only way is you know by yourself and intuitively you know how. 

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