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Stuck in Color

My friends always give me a hard time about NOT talking about or writing about: Politics, Religion, and Race. 

So I was challenged to pick 1 of them...I picked Race. Please, please, please leave some comments at the end of this article please.      



Stuck in Color...I don't really know what to say next. I don't write about Color, but I think about it all the time. In this modern era, free speech/self-expression is monitored & edited. Even general conversations at work need to be thought out before you speak. It's not that "sensitive words" are on the rise, it's peoples "sensitivity" that is growing exponentially.


And it's so confusing when I'm home alone with hip-hop going...and the "N-word" drops. Even alone I feel uneasy when I say it. I suppose when I have real free time: coffee with some Bailey's, no kids to teach, I let the word fly sometimes when in the song my favorite artist unleashes that word and I ride along with their train of thought, as I would do with any other art. It's a feeling that I'm most uncomfortable with... a weird sense of guilt about something I'm not sure I have control over. Do these certain words of color truly define their meaning if used in natural conversation or in natural time when any artist of any art form is expressing them and asking for an invitation to an open and honest conversation about race & color involving all colors of the crayon box so that no one is left out of the box?


I wish "People" was a color.

Looking forward to hearing comments

and stories about any and all of this.

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