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I have always liked girls with nice legs but not all girls with nice legs are nice. If I can have only one good manner: I wish it could be sharing not giving, because giving can't give me anything back. Sharing: We all get something back and everyone gets stronger. So if you can't do the hardest things in life, you can't do the easy things easy.



Adjustments, you either make them or you don't. And these adjustments that you are not making or making help you decide which path you choose correct? And these adjustments go to decisions which makes your choices,which leads to the present so... Foreigners are crying and whining on these Beijing streets about how come Chinese people


"don't do this", how come Chinese people

"do that?�"


You hear teachers screaming in their classrooms:

"why can't you sit down?"

 "why don't you raise your hand?"

And you can hear couples fighting on the streets of Wudaokou outside of 7-Eleven and Propaganda.

"I don't understand why you can't  just _________"

 "Well, I'll start doing that after I get home. TAXI!"

These adjustments rule your life. You do not make adjustments... you get left behind and eaten alive.



Us versus them. Some of our adjustments come from the little touches of "Grace" from where we are from, as do there's. Personally speaking: it's the nose picking that makes me the most unadjusted. When you're teaching and in a flow, and ALL the kids are answering questions so fast that you don't even have to look at which kids are raising their hands because you're just calling out names as fast as you can. Everyone is doing it...and then you hear a slow answer or a no answer & look down:


"Benjamin how do you go to sch_ _ _?"

Benjamin has three fingers up his nose soooooo....When this happens in my classroom it's  because multiple fingers are in their nose, along with hands covering their mouth. After 2 years of bam still not adjusted to this.



Overheard in teachers offices and dinners:


"Seriously, he smells like alcohol again. I think he and the rest of them go out a couple times a week. Sometimes they're late, but even when they're not late you can still smell the night before all over them."


"Yeah! You know I think we only have a couple of teachers here that have their teaching certificate or study teaching back from wherever they came from. I don't think most of them even know how to teach or maybe it's their first time...but they don't come in early or study the lesson plan. No new  new lesson plans and they've  been partying a lot."


"I don't know if it's kind of a stereotype, but it seems like a lot of the foreigners come over here because they just couldn't do anything good back home. Here they can save a little bit of money, maybe they look better to the women. But I know some of the teachers said they just worked in a restaurant back home and they're in their 30's. So what what does bring them over here?"


"Hey, don't be so terrible OK? Some of them are real teachers! Some want to become teachers now now that they've been here for a while. Just because we've never left China or Beijing doesn't mean that people can't just travel around the world and do whatever they want right?"


"Yeah, yeah I guess so...but we rarely ever get good teachers that come because the good teachers have better jobs right? They can come and party a lot because they don't have to talk to the parents! They don't have to talk to the principal that much. Basically they just have to talk to their co-teachers right? So, they don't have too much responsibility."


"I guess most of us aren't even real teachers here in China! We're like teachers helper, an assistant, or called teachers sometimes. Did you get your teaching degree? Now I know I just took a job in an English company so there's not many teachers anyway right? It's so easy to not make an adjustment to this, but it seems like they don't make that many adjustments at all. They just come here, can save some money, party and meet girls meet guys and just go out and have fun. We have to stay here, talk to all the parents and deal with all  everything. They leave work and go home. That must be a nice adjustment, but the good teachers that are here; they make the adjustments and you don't even have to talk to them before class they've already done it."


So here we are everybody...all crammed into this little city called Beijing. You better start making adjustments because I have started. My friends that I am lucky enough to call

"My Friends"f we all have started. So let's all try to make some adjustments shall we? It's not easy, it's not desirable. Hell, ya really can't see great amazing benefits from it... but we really need to start making more of them! Let's bring this city into the future by taking on just a couple of adjustments.

Which means: We need to start learning one another. Good luck everyone. Sincerely,

                                                                                                                         James R. Holt



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