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Do you have to be a gentle woman to get a gentle man?



"You have to be a gentle woman to get a gentle man."


A friend of mine just said that the other day. Is this true? First of all, is there any "Gentle Men" left? I look out and see many drowning ships. And with these modern times it's not easy being a modern man...prefacing jokes with,


"Is it OK if I say the word_________ to tell this story?"


Last time I checked back with America, (9 1/2 years ago) freedom of speech has not been amended out of the constitution, correct? Some generalizations are just, simply true. Some back alley's you just don't walk down because _______. People who grew up in nature___________. People who grew up in the city_______. Now it's a dangerous line to walk, so know the people who are in your immediate surroundings because that's very important before you open your mouth in these modern times!


"Know your role, know your boundaries and know the escape so all is safe."

This boss of mine would repeat that 35 times a day. It was everyone's mantra that worked there. He created it and we followed.

So what ARE we following these days? I have a question for the gentle men...


"Do you as well need a gentle woman, or a gentle man?

And gentle you gentle women look for a gentle man or a gentle woman too?"


Or is it merely this: another person has to have a "Gentle Side" or else it will never work? That could go for friends, lovers, family, colleagues & even pets. And as far as us teachers go; it's these kids. And for those writers: some gentle words because it's mainly a war with pen and paper. One thought, One hand, good luck!


When I think of a gentle woman, that means she can guide my lack of patience to a safe landing. A gentle woman can rip your heart out with the truth, but most importantly has 0% malice behind her intentions. Now I want to keep including "Men" when I say "Women" to include all sexual interests'. But I'm going off with my friend specifically said to me. So please bare with me OK?


What is a gentle man?


1. A gentle man excepts weight gain.

2. A gentle man makes eye contact when holding the door open.

3. A gentle man doesn't always want to fuck.

4. A gentle man cries in need of support.

5. A gentle man is few and far between, and I am ashamed for all men for having to say that.







What is a gentle woman?


1. A gentle woman merely smiles a certain way.

2. A gentle woman still knows how to flirt, even when taken.

3. A gentlewoman can simply touch our shoulder with no words, and that's enough.

4. A gentle woman knows men's flaws.

5. And a truly gentle woman can say the wrong thing at the worst time, but you start laughing because you realize how foolish you're acting and realize that all she's doing is trying to meet your dumbass in the middle!


Is my friend right or wrong? Does it take a gentle woman to get a gentle man? Can it mean just more gentleness in this ungentle world? Maybe some peoples gentleness is their tough love. For some, "Gentle" is a weakness. I'm sure it's all in the balance. F word, that would be a lame generalization to and such a personal article.

Looking forward to hearing comments

and stories about any and all of this.

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